• Nitrile Gloves, Box of 100, colour variations, Powder free, Latex Free Uniglove

Nitrile Gloves - Pearl Colours.

Gloves don’t have to be blue or white. Whether you’re looking to colour code gloves for different applications, add a splash of colour to your workplace or simply put a smile on your patient’s face, we’ve got a colour to suit.

Colour coding to reduce the risk of cross contaminationPearl has been designed with functionality in mind, by offering a series of colours which are suitable for colour-coding in the work environment to help avoid cross-contamination.Textured finish for superior gripThe Pearl range are premium quality, chemically tested, medical grade, powder-free nitrile gloves that offer enhanced barrier protection with a beaded cuff and textured finish for superior grip. A grip that works for glove users improves their performance and increases workforce motivation in terms of correct glove usage, improving their safety and your compliance.An ideal choice for the Food IndustryAll twelve Pearl nitrile gloves are suitable for use with all food types, including fatty foods, and therefore make the ideal choice for use in the food industry where the use of colour coding is proven to combat the risks associated with cross contamination.
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN1186 food safe standards.
  • Nitrile is more puncture resistant than vinyl and latex gloves.
  • Specially chlorinated to offer exceptional tactile sensitivity and comfort.
  • Manufactured with a full palm and finger texture.
These are just suggestions, all gloves are of high quality! If it has to be a specific colour please add this on note to seller.Blue PearlA good quality classic blue nitrile glove. Good in environments where the glove needs to be  be visible on the hand. Commonly used in food preparation as the blue colour is very visible against foodstuffs if the glove is dropped or damaged in use.Red PearlVivid red gloves, highly visible, they will certainly be noticed! Red pearl gloves are also a good outer glove to use when double gloving with a light inner glove as the contrast between the colours makes it easy to see damage in the outer glove.Yellow PearlBright "Unigloves" yellow gloves. Unique to the Unigloves Pearl range and a really colourful statement when worn too. Quite possibly the brightest disposable single use gloves availalbleGreen PearlA bright mint green. This vibrant colour makes the glove clear on the hand and is a good high contrast with most other glove colours when double gloving. A little bit different and a good component in a system of colour coded glove useBlack PearlDeep black, good for use with dark fluids such as printing ink or tattoo fluids. Also excellent for showing contrasts and colour changes with light fluids such as milk where black gloves can be used to help detect signs of mastitis in milk.Burgundy PearlBurgundy Pearl gloves are a subtle burgundy colour, well matched to dark red medical scrubs. It's clear that gloves are being worn for everyone's benefit but this subtle colour is not unfriendly or threatening.Opal PearlOpal Pearl gloves are a subtle lighter blue, a good match to blue medical uniforms and easy on the eye.Peach PearlPeach Pearl gloves are a good neutral colour choice, close to many skin tones. Use them where it's essential to wear gloves but it's not necessary to make them too obvious.Pink PearlClassic real pink gloves, that match beautician and medical uniforms. A gentle feminine colour which is very popular too.Sapphire PearlA subtle pale violet glove. Quite a style statement, a much more sophisticated look than a classic blue glove!Violet PearlA solid shade of violet, the colour generally worn by the emergency medical services. Professional and reassuring.White PearlA good bright white, slightly translucent against the skin of the hand when worn. Commonly used as the inner glove when double gloving as the white shows well through any damage in the outer glove.The above are only suggestions. All gloves are the same specifications, just colourful options!

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Nitrile Gloves, Box of 100, colour variations, Powder free, Latex Free Uniglove

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