• Ultrasonic Pest Repeller UK / EU Plug in Rodent Mouse Rat Spider Insect Control

  • HOW DOES IT WORK? - Our pest repeller uses the latest technology emitting extremely high pitched sound waves that are hated by your most common pests and rodents alike. Once they hear the Ultrasonic Pest Repelling sound waves they immediately pack their bags and vacate the premises or area until they can no longer hear the sounds. The frequency range is between 25 KHz - 65 KHz which is not harmful for Humans, Cats and Dogs. Simply plug in you T3MCO Pest control pest reject plug in pest repellent device and let it work its magic!
  • WHAT TO EXPECT? - Once you receive your new T3MCO Electronic Pest Repeller and plug it in, it begins to work with immediate effect. Please be warned for a period of time you may see pests fleeing to escape which will initially bring them out to surface but they?ll soon disappear and never come back. RESULT! Please allow up to 3 weeks to for the device to work and completely clear out all pests in the area of the plug in pest repeller.
  • SAFETY FIRST - We have made sure that our indoor pest repellers have been rigorously tested and have passed all the necessary regulations in order for them to be safely used around our loved ones. Using high quality materials and only the smartest technology we can guarantee that your family and pets will not be harmed by our pest repellers. No chemicals or hazardous substances, no odours, no worries! Eco-Friendly and also safe for your pockets as only minimal energy and electricity is needed.
  • RANGE - Our Insect Repellers are good for areas of up 120 Square meters, please plug in your pest repeller where there a no obstacles blocking the sound waves as this will reduce its effectiveness.
  • BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED - Not only is the super advanced technology a work of art but so is the repellers attractive design a work of art. Sleek and stylish, no obvious signs that you have a pest repeller plugged in and no alarmed guests. This device will just blend right in not causing any curiosity, awkward attention and it won't ruin the look of the room it is in. Get yours today and start your pest free life today!
T3MCO Multi-purpose Electromagnetic & Ultrasonic Pest Repeller adopts high-tech means, can produce an extremely special super low frequency electromagnetic wave, transmitting automatically it will effectively stimulate the pests (such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas and bedbugs etc) nerve system and sense of hearing, making them in-adaptive and flee to their escape. Our Pes Repeller can produce variable and fixed frequency ultrasonic wave to effectively repel rodents like rats, mosquito, and other pests in its governing scope. Built in night light which also acts as a deterrent for many pests and rodents alike. Our Ultrasonic Pest Repeller or Ultramagnetic Pest Repleller is the Pest Repeller to have! If you hate pests, rodents and insects then fear no more as you have now found the solution. Tried and tested with many satisfied customers around the world we now bring to Amazon the most effective way to keep your safe zones safe! This item widely applies in family rooms, dining rooms, hotels, hospitals, offices, storage areas, farms and practically any other indoor place you require to be free from these uninvited guests (Disclaimer: Our pest repeller does not work on uninvited in-laws or other guests!) The ultrasonic wave that is sent out has a controlling scope of about 2000 sq.meters, the flashing light control range of 10 sq. meters. Look no further, once you purchase the T3MCO 5 in 1 Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic Pest Repeller you will sleep at ease and be worry free for the rest of your days just as you should be in your own domains!PLUG TYPES / QUANTITY T3MCO Pest repellant comes in either UK or EU Plugs. Can be purchased in pack of 1, 2 or 4 with huge discount to save you money.Please select the Plug type you need and quantity from drop down before checkout.Please see pictures in each option to ensure you ordered the right item before checkout. WHAT ARE OUR CUSTOMERS SAYING?"The Ultrasonic pest repeller arrived very quickly and we have left it plugged in since. We got it as our next door neighbour found they had rats and, as we have had mice in the past, we thought this would help and, as far as we are aware, it is helping so far.""seems to work OK seen no insects since I plugged in Nice night light is a bonus I had a slight problem with the first one I bought but the after sales service was excellent resolved in no time at all Would not hesitate to recommend""So fare no rats or mice even flies turn around and go back outside and I hope it will last !!"

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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller UK / EU Plug in Rodent Mouse Rat Spider Insect Control

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